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Really enjoying this car


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I’m about 3 months and 5000 miles in and I have to say I really  love the galaxy.

The highlights are:

That ridiculous capacity.  Trips to the tip.  700kg of flagstones. Cupboards etc etc. 

Carrying 7 adults and people acting like over excited children

50mpg, big blobby comfy tyres and a nice driving seat


(white) people assuming I’m a police car

that weird hanging seatbelt

5 billion rattles, a lot of which is just ‘STUFF’ scattered around the car

I went from a BMW M5 to a galaxy and I find it bizarre that I am yet to ‘miss’ the M5.  Yes it was fun at times but it is desperately outperformed as a vehicle by the galaxy.

I’m quite enjoying owning a ford again but I’ll keep my power dry on that for the time being, until I’ve seen the aftercare and service.




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The problem with having a big vehicle is people you know start taking the p**s like asking you to take stuff to the tip for them, collecting furniture for them, taking their whole family and luggage to the airport etc. 

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