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I have had a problem with my focus ecoboost 2012. The oil lamp started flashing so I took it to the mechanic. They did a compression test and found 10 bar in cylinder 1 and 2. 6 bar In cylinder 3 and full with oil. On top of that the turbo was blown. 
the got the code p132b

they suggested a engine replacement. Can that really be required? 

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I doubt that 'anon' will give any useful advice on this problem.

Hello Hampus, as @pcaouolte has said you don't get much chance to save the 1.0 ecoboost engine once the oil pressure fails. On a positive note, Ford have recently reduced the price of a new engine by nearly half bringing the price in the UK down to £2000. The price does not include fitting which in the UK is about £1500.

You maybe able to pick up a second hand engine, but if you do it would be very wise to change the wet belts before installing it. Also remember when changing the oil NOT to do an oil flush as this also causes problems with the wet belts.

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Thanks for the advice! do you know were to pick up a second hand one form the UK? having problems locating one in Sweden for a reasonably price.


And if I manage to find a new engine it's not wort trying to change the head gasket and piston/rings to see what happens? 


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