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Fiesta Mk6.5 glow plug AND injector fault short fault codes within a few weeks of each other


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Hey guys, so I've had some sort of issue with the car. A few weeks back the car was sort of tripping over itself then tripped a powertrain fault (flashing cog with a ! in the middle) and when into limp mode for about 10 seconds, I checked out the code and it was showing a glowplug short (generic P0380 IIRC), cleared it and waited to see if it cropped up again (I'm looking to get rid within the next year so the less money spent on it, the better). 

The other day I was coming back from Brummy land and I was being a tad generous with the limit... While overtaking a lorry, the car once again tripped over itself and went into limp mode, this time staying in it until I could pull over to restart the engine. No problems since.

What caught my eye was that this time... It threw up a 120X code (can't remember it off my head, but it's a cylinder #2 short).

It just strikes me as a bit odd that the same symptoms were caused by two different things. Granted, they're both part of the combustion process. But both shorting within a short space of time? My gut says that might be more of an electrical issue rather than a glow plug/injector issue.

So I guess the logical question to ask here is, do the injectors and glow plugs share the same loom, and whereabouts does it connect? Obviously, I mean the side that hooks up to the rest of the car, not the ones for the injectors/plugs, though that could also be the point where there's a lose connection... But with it being both? Idk... Any other ideas are welcome

The all important info:

Fiesta Mk6.5 (58 plate)

1.4 TDCi Style 3d Climate

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