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Fiesta accelerator sticking/high revs


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Hi, I had to overtake a car this morning and after accelerating it got stuck and was revving really high. I was only doing 30 mph in third gear! I had to brake to reduce the revs and it was fine to get me to work. Anything I'm doing wrong? I've just had the clutch replaced and an MOT done - would they be connected?? Any advice greatly received. :0) 

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Are you saying that the revs stayed very high after you took your foot off the Accelerator and your foot was not on the Clutch and did not go down until you braked?.

The input from the Accelerator to the engine is electronic on modern cars and there are  failsafes if the electronic parts give spurious readings, that doesn't mean the pedal did not stick.

The easy thing to check is that the oil level is not too high because if it is it can get sucked into the Cylinders and and cause the engine to race on its own.

If the problem happened when your foot was on the Accelerator then it sounds like a slipping Clutch. 

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