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Intermittent Power-train malfunction light - HELP!


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Hi all,

I have owned my fiesta 2019 ST Line from new and has only covered 22,000 miles but recently a power-train malfunction light has come on at least once a week and is currently in Ford to be looked out for the 4th time in a month with each time them telling me there's no codes and they cannot replicate the fault.

I don't know how to replicate it either it seems completely random initially happening on the motorway and going into limp mode (thank god no one was behind me), second time on a country lane, 3rd time just driving normally in town sub 30 mph and the final time happened when I went to go through a parking barrier from stand still.

It has been recently serviced as per the manufacturer recommendations. All I have to do is turn the car off and turn it back on again and the light goes away and the car begins to drive normally again.

I have read a few threads that state to get an OBD II reader which I will get, but wondered if anyone on here might have other recommendations or solutions?

I have the option to return the vehicle September next year but would ideally like to keep the car as other than the issue above it has been fun to drive.



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Ask the dealer to elevate it with Ford as it is still under warranty and  that this is a safety issue.  ISTR that if a car fails on the same thing three times you may be able to reject it but without codes(which I find strange, as I was pretty certain that limp mode events  are logged,) it will be hard to prove. My approach would be to get a reader and Forscan and have a good look at it myself for possible codes  before taking it back .

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On rare occasions that I've never been able to work out, the DTC code is sometimes not logged and is erased when the ignition is turned off. I had a transit connect that used to often go in to limp mode but nothing ever stored in memory. In the end I got the code by having an OBDII code reader with me all the time in the van. When the fault ocurered I was able to pull over and connect the code reader with the engine still running. In my case it was injector number 3 was faulty but each time the ignition was switched off the DTC would clear.

If possible use a laptop with FORScan software and be ready to connect up to the OBDII port when you next get the fault.

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