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Mk7 1.4 tdci gearbox model


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Hello everyone, contemplating changing my gearbox as 5 years of no reverse has finally got to me... I just managed to get the sticker off the gearbox but there's a piece missing, the piece I have says 


7002 EA


I've seen a few on eBay with numbers 8A6R 7002 EA

Any idea how many variations of gearboxes went in the 2009 1.4 tdci and model numbers for them? 


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18 hours ago, BP2411 said:

7002 EA


I've seen a few on ebay with numbers 8A6R 7002 EA

With yours been a 2007 I doubt it will be 8A6R as that implies launched in 2008.

If you go to a Ford parts dept with your VIN they should tell you the part number of your gearbox

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19 minutes ago, BP2411 said:

Thanks for the reply, it's a 2009 not 2007 though, I'll give Ford a call. 

Possibly correct then, but best to double check.

There's three diesel gearboxes, one for your 1.4, one for 1.6 and one for 1.6 econectic (which has a higher final drive)

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