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Procedure to replace Crankshaft pulley and torque?


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I have noticed a really weird light knocking and whiningish noise from the left of the engine. 

I did some research and I think it is a crankshaft pulley going bad since the noise is very similar to the video below.

The noise is constant when idle and when I accelerate, it gets faster. 

I have ordered febi crankshaft pulley and a flywheel locking tool ( Laser 4275)

I thought since the cambelt and water pump have been replaced, I don't think I needed to get a timing tool kit? 


So the procedure I have in mind is 

1. Get the drive belt off from the engine

2. take the starter motor out and lock the flywheel. 

3. remove the crank pully and install a new one with new bolt. 

4. remove the flywheel lock and put the belt back on. 


Is there any other step I need to keep in mind? my car is 2009 MK7 fiesta with 1.4 SPJA Engine. 

Oh and anyone know the torque spec for the crank bolt? 

Hopefully this will be a straight forward job.


Thank you! 





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