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The Next Fiesta?


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Looks like this could be the next Fiesta: New all-electric Ford 'mini Mustang Mach-e' will be built on the VW Group’s MEB platform at the Fiesta’s home in Cologne.

Using the VW Group’s MEB skateboard platform for their new EV means Ford will also have to use the same battery technology – which is likely to mean a choice of 58kWh batteries with power outputs of 201bhp or 143bhp or a 77kWh battery also with 201bhp, but with a longer range. To be competitive with other MEB models and their rivals, the baby Ford EV would have to offer between 250 and 350 mile of range. Fast charging will also be offered with an 80 per cent charge expected in a little over half an hour.



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A further example of the rampant automotive obesity that makes cars harder to drive, park and use in towns. Why have 200 bhp when an Ecoboost 100 is quick enough for an economy car. Limiting the power output will increase the range. When the 500 mile barrier is broken people will buy willingly, not grudgingly. There is, however the herd of elephants in the room.

If automotive electricity were to be taxed like petrol ( and it will have to be,) the cost of running these things will be simply enormous because of the price of electricity. The infrastructural cost and upheaval will be similarly enormous.

The great leap forward will have to be the robot changed standardised battery pack, delivered by train to the out of town charging swap station from the recharging factory handling 5000 batteries a day, which will be powered by a small nuclear reactor.  Drive in, drive out a minute later with a new cartridge, billed to the car. Until then, it simply isn't going to work.


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