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How much is this Fusion worth?


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I have my wifes Ford Fusion that hasnt been used for a while and we are thinking of selling it, but I have no idea how to value it.

Its a 52 plate 1.4 Petrol bought from a private dealer about 3 years ago.

Approx 88k miles

Full Ford service History

It was my wifes first car and only driven around town sparingly - i reckon we did less than 3k miles in it in total.

Not been driven for the last 2.

I have been keeping the battery topped up and last weekend she fired up first turn of the key to my surprise.

We paid £900 for it, and spent probably £450 on various bits and bobs (new clutch, new front spring is all I remember)

However one day, while parked outside the house, some ***** reversed into the front of it. Our neighbour collared him and he left his details. We claimed, and the insurance wrote it off but we chose to take less money and keep the car,which makes it a Cat D. The bonnet is bent up, which makes opening the catch a bit tricky, but thats it.

What kind of ballpark do you think its worth now?

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I have seen a few recently younger than that, with no damage or problems fetch around £495 and a little more for a diesel 1.4tdci, 1.6tdci are better on price especially if in the £30 road tax band.

IMO anything above £150 you should accept.

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