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I am new to Ford & took delivery of brand new Fusion Zetec 1.4 Tdci on 28th May. It seemed to run like a dream until.......the following Friday night when I started the engine there was an almighty bang! Driving home I tackled a hill (2nd gear then progressed into 3rd) & when had to slow down, as car in front had slowed, I dropped down from 3rd to 2nd gear expecting some power but no power was there. I then dropped down to 1st gear & still nothing there. I had to pull into the side & start all over again suffereing the wrath of the car which had nearly run into the back of me!

The following day I had exactly the same problem on a different hill.

I took the car back to the Ford Dealer on Monday & mechanic came for a drive - we went up a couple of hills & tried to mimmick my experience. The nearest he got was going up a hill, dropping down to 2nd gear & then having to go into 1st gear as he said he'd been in "too high a gear in 2nd". The mechanic told me this is normal!

The Dealer is keeping my car till Friday to "run it around" & so far has phoned me to say no defect has been found. I've asked them to put it on a diagnostic test but they say they can't as the engine management light hasn't come on showing any fault.

I've driven diesels since the mid 80s & am therefore used to the style of driving but have never experienced anything like this before.

The car seemed to run fine for the 7 days prior to it going bang at start up (having also gone up the same hills successfully, I might add) I certainly feel that something has defintiely changed since it went bang.

Has anyone else had any similar problems please & if so what was the outcome?

Any advice you are able to offer me as to how to deal with the problem, & getting satisfaction from the Ford Dealer, would be greatly appreciated - I, like most other people, just can't afford to fork out for a brand new car which doesn't do what it should be capable of. In any event, a brand new car should not go bang when started up!

Incidentally, my last car was a 1.4 Hdi (not a Ford) & it sailed along happily up hill & down dale but we had to part company as it was getting old.

HELP - please!

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The HDi and TDCi are actually references to the same engine, all of them are manufactored by the PSA Group (Peugeot-Citröen).

I am not a mechanic, but most issues I have found with power loss in turbo diesels have one of two causes: Either the turbo itself is broken, or the diesel filters or injectors are dirty and less fuel goes into the motor. I suspect the latter. There are some addictives one can add to the fuel tank, or the dealer can change the filters. These are both relatively ways to try and solve the issue... Broken turbos though not uncommon usually are a issue at higher revs...

Hope you will find a solution.

Incidentally, my last car was a 1.4 Hdi (not a Ford) & it sailed along happily up hill & down dale but we had to part company as it was getting old.

HELP - please!

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Firstly, I would never expect to change down to 1st gear when going up a hill unless it was one hell of a hill or I had done something daft. Secondly, if you are having no luck getting the dealer to help with your problem then call Ford directly ;

Ford Customer service

Andy Barratt

Customer service Director

Ford Motor Co Ltd

PO Box 10726


CM14 9HE

0845 841 1111

Explain to them the problem and also that you are not convinced that the dealer is acting in your best interests.

I have had to do this a couple of times when dealing with Citroen and going directly to the manufacturer rather than the dealer, produced the desired results.

Thirdly, stick to your guns. If you think there is a problem with the car then don't let them talk you out of it. Try taking it to another Ford dealer, or if you bought the car with a multi-franchise dealer, take it to another branch, they love getting one over on each other. Don't get embarrassed about complaining, be polite but be firm. It's a lot of money for a car and you shouldn't be left with sub-standard goods.

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