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Fusion Wheel Bearings


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Hi newby here, we have a fusion 3 1.4 diesel and wonder how difficult it is to replace a rear wheel bearing, special tools or anything we need to know before we tackle the job. thaks any responce would be appreciated... mike and freda

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Rear wheel bearings are easy to do with no special tools, except circlip pliers. All you do is

1. Remove big hub nut

2. Remove brake drum

3. Remove circlip holding bearing in place

4. Knock old bearing out from drum

To install new bearing reverse the above. Be careful not to damage ABS sensor ring (if your car has ABS). When tightening the hub nut, turn the brake drum in the opposite direction.

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without a hydraulic press, bearings can be very difficult to remove/install. it may be worth just removing the drum(s) and taking them to a local mechanic and ask them to press the bearings out/in.

if you decide to tackle them yourself, ideally you will need a large socket that fits snug into the centre of the drum to knock the bearing with.

to fit the new bearings, put them in the freezer overnight and heat the drums up with a heatgun, this will make the process a bit easier.

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