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Powershift rebuild


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2011 Galaxy with Powershift around 130k miles.

Autobox started skipping 4th gear which on diagnosis the code shows the 4th gear solenoid isn’t functioning. Mechanic has spoken with Ford who advised that due to mileage and time it takes to remove the box etc it’s not worth just replacing the solenoid. Clutch pack is likely to be worn. 

new box from Ford - £7k

reconditioned box from Ford - £4.5k

Rebuild existing box by independent- £2.7K

These are ‘all in’ prices  


Is the rebuild cost about right? Can anyone recommend a specialist they’ve used to do this? Apparently it’s very complex and some aren’t interested!!

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Yes the prices are about right.

The big question I'd be asking myself is "is it worth spending even £2700 on an 11 year old car with 130,000 miles ?"

Lets just suppose all goes well and the gearbox rebuild is a fantastic success, are you prepared to spend another £1000 or more in a few months time when the next problem occurs ?

I would say sell it "as is" and add the gearbox repair money towards replacing with something with less miles.


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