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Ford Fusion Aircon Relay details


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Looking in the square relay box under the bonnet, I can see only a single relay in there. I am looking for the air con relay as part of troubleshooting why the compressor is not kicking in.

The ETIS repairs manual describes the relay as part of the system but doesn’t make clear where it is or its spec and as usual, turning to YouTube offers a confusing set of US Fusion repair advice (the UK Mondeo).

Is that relay the one I’m after? I checked the A/C clutch isn’t seized, and fuses F4, F12 and F38 are all OK. The AC button light comes on when pressed. I also understand the system has a cut-off if a re-gas is required - is that correct? It may turn out that’s all that is needed but I will need to take it elsewhere for that final check. 

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I think there should be two - R1, and R2


Number        AKA             Description

R1                R32              Air conditioning

R2                R246            Cooling fan

R3                R370            Auxiliary heater (РТС)

R4                R271            Auxiliary heater (РТС)

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