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59 Seat Runners


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first time poster, my dad's 2009 driver's side seat is not moving forwards / backwards. He's had a poke around and it looks like the seat runners are broken. He's looked online as can't seem to find a set anywhere. Is there anyone who can be recommended? I seem to remember in the dim and distant past that the Fusion shared some parts with the Fiesta? is this true and would these be one of those parts? Is there a part number i can look for?



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Subframe part numbers for Fiesta and Fusion are different - 1566616 looks like the FINIS code for the Fusion.

I'm sure the Fusion seat is higher wrt floor pan.  A lot of mechanical parts are interchangeable, but not a lot of trim.

I'd try a acrapyard first, but it looks like fleabay has a pair of dirty front seats for £75.00 + £70.00 P&P.......

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Maybe worth joining the fusion owners group on Faceache, phil wylie on there breaks fusions and may have a shitbox that has a crap seat but good rails.

If he has some he will post out too, lives up north near washington i think, i went to see him last year for an urgent part i couldnt find elsewhere

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