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Photo Competition


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One issue ive got is working out how we choose a winner.... I.e. Poll, Vote through a anonymous PM, Vote in thread, Individual Judge....

What do we suggest?

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best to start a thread called

August photo comp

say who is moderating the competition

in the thread you give a theme for the competition like "cars"

give a closing date for the competition (2 weeks or less)

everyone who enters posts their pictures on that thread

when people taking part posts a picture they need to give the picture a title (for voting purposes) and a wee bit of info to make it more interesting.

then on the closing (2 weeks or less) the moderator will put all the pictures on a new thread called "Vote: August photo comp" and create a poll using the titles of the members pictures so any forum member can vote and within a few days or a week close the voting (depends how suscessfull the photo comp gets)

count the votes and you have your winner.

this is the way we play it on an angling forum i use. you need to be dedecated to it though, try get actual moderators on to it to look after the threads and make them stickies otherwise its a game that gets forgot about.

give it a go though ill play

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Hey Andy, Thanks for the input and suggestions for the Photo Comp brought from another forum.

Incase you didnt notice, we have the competition up and Running Photo Comp Week 1

We have a moderator, Myself and Aph1101 keeping an eye on it.

Be good if your up for joining in, the first week deadline is Monday at midnight.



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voting on another forum makes it easier for people to vote as all the pictures should be posted on the first thread by the moderator with the titles next to them and the poll at the top.

we tried voting in the same thread but it got confusing because people had posted in between pictures so pictures ended up on page 2 and never even got seen

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