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Rev hang between gear changes? 1.4tdci.


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Been chasing this issue for sometime with no luck. The issue is either intermittent lazy revving at idle or intermittent rev 'hanging' between gear changes, more noticeable from 1st to 2nd but can happen from 3rd to 4th? The issue is sometimes temporarily remedied by 4000 rpm from 1st to 2nd but this really isn't an option. I was lead to believe that the issue was down to vacuum so I've changed the EGR valve, the little black ?valve? that sits by the battery and has 2 vacuum pipes off it and the vacuum pump all to no avail. Checked the vacuum line and it appears OK with no holes, servo and master cylinder look OK too...

Wondering if anyone has had the problem or could point me in the right direction because I'm out of idea's. Had diagnostics but didn't show anything useful?

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