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Ford Puma 2021 - Deep Sleep & Battery

Ray Puma

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I bought a new Ford Puma St Line from the local Ford Dealership in August last year.

In August this year the FordPass App reported to my phone that the car had gone into Deep Sleep mode and "Remote features disabled to preserve battery and Don't worry though, nothing is wrong" and the solution was to simply restart the vehicle.

However, the this problem has continued. Sometimes it appears to go into a deeper sleep mode and air-conditioning is disabled and I think the Auto Start/Stop behave differently.

The car generally sends the message whenever the engine is turned off though sometimes when it is stared and occasionally at random intervals such as 4:00 PM

The car has now been back to the dealer for investigation on three occasions for a total of seven days/nights and it is due to go back again in a couple of weeks.

The dealer has been unable to identify the problem. Ford Motors say that the there are only three triggers for the messages 1) High temperature 2) car not driven within 14 days 3) battery voltage below 9.4 volts. Full details of the fault notifications are retained on the Ford servers but they decline to send me a copy of what precisely has trigger the notifications I am receiving and the dealership appears unable to get any information from Ford.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem and has it been resolved? If so what was the solution?


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I have the same problem as a low mileage user. I put mine on charge every couple of weeks if I haven’t used the car. 

maypole charger recommend from this site. 

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Hi fellow Puma owners, I had exactly the same problem with mine (18 months old now).The app constantly reporting deep sleep AND the aircon not working when the message appeared. I didn’t notice at first, because it started in winter time so I don’t use the aircon then. Went to my dealer who didn’t have a clue! Assuming I wasn’t the only one having this problem, I searched the internet with my best friend Google. There I found a BMS (battery management system) reset procedure. Don’t think I’m fooling you when reading the instructions below, it’s not a joke!

  1. Unlock your car and activate it with the start button. Don’t start it so foot off the break pedal.
  2. Activate the head lights manually
  3. Flash your high beam 5 times
  4. Press the break pedal 3 times
  5. De-activate the car.

The BMS is now reset and the deep sleep doesn’t occur anymore. Also the aircon is working properly. Worked like a charm for my Puma, hope I could help you with the same issue!


Arno Klomp, The Netherlands.

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Is an 18 month old battery supposed to be gone already? Are you sure the BMS software doesn’t contain bugs? My Puma works flawlessly after this.

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2 hours ago, PolarMonk63 said:

Are you sure the BMS software doesn’t contain bugs?

Very sure it doesn't. It's not much more than a current data logger that passes the info to the BCM.

Have you measured the battery terminal voltage with a digital multimeter, approximately 1 hour after parking the car ?

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Disconnecting the negative terminal and leaving it for 10 mins is enough to force a SoC recalibration the next time it’s locked and left overnight. Resetting the BMS with pedal sequence or Forscan resets the battery age to zero. 

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