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Where is the reverse sensor speaker on a mk2?


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23 minutes ago, unofix said:

Take the module box out and follow the small two wire harness and it will lead to the sounder, it won't be more than 400mm away.

Thanks. What are the common faults with this if my sensors work? Just the speaker needs unplugging and reconnecting? Or are the Speakers prone to randomly breaking?

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23 hours ago, unofix said:

new speakers can be bought cheaply on eBay

I just had another look and it looks like the speaker is under the trim on the door pillar behind drivers side rear seat? Is that correct? I’ll have to take it apart somehow if so 

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Does anyone know where the speaker is? Nothing is close to the module. A cable does go along the top of the side of boot and into the trim behind drivers seat but the other side of the car does the same so this might not be the speaker?

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12 minutes ago, Jason87 said:

god knows what that other round thing is. It sounds like a bell when you tap it 

It's the horn for the vehicle alarm system.

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