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Engine judders randomly


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Hi hoping someone can help, I have a 56 plate fusion 1.6 petrol auto.

It started juddering randomly but mostly when it needed more power. It also cut out a few times just after starting but did start straight away. When driving and it does the judder thing the engine light flashes.

The coil pack was changed as was getting a burning smell and although the burning smell now seems to be gone the judder problem is still happening.

Any ideas what it could be and is it safe to still drive? I'm sat at services on the motorway debating if I should carry on to Devon.

Thanks for any advice.

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Ideally need obd codes to pinpoint and narrow down fault, and if you have breakdown cover the tech may be able to sort it...

Could be something as simple as fuel filter, a spark plug or something a bit more complicated.

Based on your description of issue i would suggest the fuel filter. Personally i would coast on to Devon with a light right foot.

Good luck

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Plugs and leads?

Are you running on E10?

Does your car like E10?

Try super unleaded (E5) and see if it stops

Are you sure it's the engine juddering and not the transmission?

Is the transmission fluid in good condition and the correct level?

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