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1.0 Ecoboost - end of the road?


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Some may remember I did a lot of mechanical work last winter to get my daughter's Focus back on the road. All has been well until a month or so ago when it wouldn't start and the AA had to be called to transport it home (no reason provided).

I tried it next day and was surprised it started immediately; did so for weeks until it happened again. AA person thought it could be head gasket.

Had the plugs out, fiddled with a few connectors, car started first try again.

I suspected a crankshaft position sensor failing as had similar issues on other cars (sent for one but not got it yet due to Royal Mail delays).

OBD check shows some very unusual results. Occasionally an upstream lambda sensor fault code. Repeated ABS and battery voltage codes (although ABS and battery seem to be ok), today a MAF code and message to service engine. Could it be the ECU failing?

Got back from an 8 mile test drive today and lots of white 'smoke' from exhaust which then suddenly stopped. Suspect there is a head gasket problem but doesn't overheat.

All seems counter intuitive. Unofix I should have thrown the towel in when you first said so!

In the meantime my daughter has bought a Honda HRV and left me with this lemon.

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I don't know about fault codes.

White smoke I think often signifies HG problem. I had an old car with a HG problem and when it had trouble starting I think it was because there was water getting into the cylinders. Mine didn't overheat either.

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1 hour ago, RayC333 said:

All seems counter intuitive. Unofix I should have thrown the towel in when you first said so!

Sorry to hear the saga of the infamous ecoboom continues. I think you probably still hold the world record for bring one back from the dead and getting it to live another 11 months ?

Stick some radweld in the coolant system and get it off loaded to "we buy any old wreck .com"

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