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Temp sensor overheat and loss of power

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Hi is there anyone who can help me with this awefull fault i am having with my car.

Whenever im travelling on motorways and get up to high speeds to 80mph and over my temp sensor soars up to maximum untill i drop off to a lower speed of 50mph and it settles back to normal.

However when i get back to 80mph same thing happens again temp senor soars then i start getting a loss of power in all gears forcing me to pull over.

After looking at the engine coolant levels it appears as normal with no signs of overheating.

After a brief stop the car will drive perfectly normal again untill i hit anything over 70mph then the fault constantly happens making it impossible to drive.

Ive called the RAC out twice and they are unable to find a fault even with the lap top attatched.

The 2nd RAC guy i saw said hes seen a similar problem on "VW" vehicles and suspects a possible water pump impellor slipping????

Ive also been to a garage and told them what was going on and they didnt have a clue what the problem could be.

So i am in a dilema to what it could be :angry:

I would greatly appreciate any advice on this fault if anyone has ever came across it before.

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That is really strange!

I must admit i havent got any ideas as to what could be causing it. Is it maybe a problem with the turbo but cant see why it would only happen at 80 and not in lower gears when the turbo kicks in.

Sorry i cant be more helpful but that really is a strange problem

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