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SYNC doesn't recognize phone under Bluetooth Media?


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So, I have been having this really weird issue recently where my phone connects just fine through bluetooth to the car, in the sense that I can make and receive phone calls through the car Speakers and I can call people from the car using voice recognition while the phone is connected. 

However, while the phone is connected and I try to use it as a media player- in other words, I have to hit the Media button, and then the "No Active SYNC Source" screen appears and it gives me the option to choose between bluetooth or USB, I would choose BT as I have always done in the past, and it will say "Connecting..." for a split second before showing "No bluetooth Devices" even though my phone is literally connected to the car already!!

I have tried everything except going under the hood, so to speak. I've done a master reset, reset to factory defaults, done a soft and hard reset on my phone, checked to see if SYNC was up to date. None of these solved the problem. 

I was kind of hopeful that when I got my new phone, that would have solved the problem, but it didn't. I don't really want to attempt to fix it myself if it includes going in and messing with the physical SYNC module of the car.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a different method I've somehow overlooked? Will I need to take it to the dealer? 

I was really hoping I could avoid paying an arm and a leg to get it fixed, but I'm feeling like it might be my only option. I can't even find any articles or anything online from other people having the same issue, and Ford's customer service chat line does not seem to understand what my issue is, either. 


TYIA for your help, it is greatly appreciated. 🙂 

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Does bluetooth allow more than one datastream between the two devices ?

I know it works with multiple devices in a network, but not sure if it can connect a radio to a 'phone for both calling and audio streaming simultaneously.

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