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Start of the de-chrome(ing)


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Hi All,

going to start this process in earnest over the next few days.

has anyone else tried it yet, any tips?

id rather remove the chrome window strips, grills and rear large boot strip.

are these easy to remove?

I have the tools, the wrap and the patience, just not the starting point.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thought I'd jump back on this as it took me this amount of time, to find the time to do it.

Happy with the result, will probably redo the mirrors after a wee sand and will go on to tint the wing mirror indicators to darken them down.

Wing Mirrors.jpg

Side Tape - Prep.jpg

Side Tape - Prep 2.jpg

Front Tape Prep.jpg

Front During.jpg

Front During Close.jpg

Side During.jpg

Side Complete.jpg

Front Complete.jpg

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Just need to do those door handles and it will look just like the old Escort popular.


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@unofixI'd be happy with a classic Ford Escort.

If you've not already, you should watch Retro Power build a Mk1 Escort for Gordon Murray. 16 Episodes, but really worth it.

For me personally, chrome belongs on fancy old classics, not on modern cars, it adds nothing to look of a modern car.

p.s. while you're on YouTube and if you like car build series, give "Project Binky" a wee look, you'll marvel at these guys and the amount of tea they drink....

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