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Fuse boxes


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Been reading the manual not the best in being helpful

FORD Model:GALAXY DIESEL ESTATE - 2.0 EcoBlue 190 Titanium X 5dr Auto Year:2019   
Colour: Red Transmission: Automatic Engine Size: 2000 First Registered: 26/07/2019.
In the engine bay it says there are fuses on top and bottom I can get to the top but to turn it over to get to the underside it makes no mention of 2 massive cable that need to be released and I cannot move the fuse box more than about 1 inch, I suppose I am afraid to break something, and Youtube shows fuse numbers but not how to access them, any help would be appreciate.
Many thanks



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I'm not sure that I follow. The picture in your manual is after the two cables have been unpluged. All I was showing in the photo I posted was how to release and disconnect the cables, after which you follow the information in your book.

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OK I only said the manual did not mention the cables, I disconnected the cables and the 2 clips I can raise the fuse box a small amount on the engine side but it does seem to want to move towards the engine, think it might need more force but I did not want to break something

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