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The wet ecoboost problem?


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Was having a chat the other day with the guys at Halfords, service this time!!!

We got talking about the wet-belt issue.

Was the ACTUAL cause ever found or admitted by any manufacturer? Have all wet-belt engines now been changed back to chain/dry-belt designs?

I've done some limited research and i think that VW, and Honda also ventured down the wet belt design for small, high output engines.

Was the issue a belt manufacturing problem or the incorrect oil being used that led to the belt disintegration issue?


If there is one thing you learn in engineering is that oil (crude derived) and any natural rubber material never get on and will always end in tears. Nitrile or synthetic rubber can happily live with oil (crude), i'm sure this is what is used in the timing belts on the wet designs, but not exactly sure of the belts design and construction. Could it have been fuel additive related, after market or oil giant derived? With the million and one fuel and oil additives that are available over the counter these days, i'm wondering if any particular chemical has been found to be the culprit?

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Hi mate I 100 percent agree I serviced mine but didn't know about cleaning the sump out 2 days later my cambelt snapped so my advice is if your change the oil clean all the rubber debris off the cambelt out the sump. Now I don't know what to do with mine change the belt or swap the engine because neither are cheap. Any adverse would be appreciated

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Hi Ben, if the cambelt has snapped then I'm afraid the engine is scrap.

Take a look on the Puma Speed website, you can get a brand new 1.0 ecoboost engine for £1999 or they supply and fit for £2999

It's probably the best deal you will find.

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That's great thanks for the reply I thought it would be scrap I just couldn't find anybody to supply and fit an engine I know it's not cheap but Ive heard of puma speed and I know they have a good reputation so I think I'll bite the bullet and get in touch with them. Thanks again for the help I really appreciate

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