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Front bumper removal

clinton Appleby

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In no particular order

  • Remove the shield under the radiator. This requires a torx screwdriver/bit, size T27 I think. You may be able to achieve this without raising the vehicle, but if you do raise it, make sure you do so safely (use axle stands if jacked up, or ramps, or even just a kerb).
  • Remove the bolts securing the wheel arch liners to the bumber. Same torx type as above.
  • Remove the bolts fixing the bumber to the wings. These are hex type I believe requiring a socket in the region of 10mm.
  • Remove the headlights.
  • Remove the grill above the bumper. (Open the bonnet, remove the scrivets, disconnect the bonnet lock, unclip, etc).
  • Remove the headlight washer jets, if fitted. (Pull forwards, release clips, detach from pipe).
  • Release clips on sides on upper and outer edges, withdraw it, disconnect fog lamps.
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Good instructions there, also worth looking at some of the tutorials on Youtube for reference too.

I did this when I removed the bumper on my MK3 to replace the grills and it's not as difficult a job as it seems. Just take your time and worth having a laptop to hand with the instructions / videos bookmarked  to follow... good luck!

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