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Injector sleeve problem mk 2.5 1.6d


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Hi folks.



I need to replace injector seals on two injectors but struggled for a couple of days in removing one injector. They were replaced 2-3 years ago but the seats were not recut.

After removing the rigid fuel lines and black cover (egr cover?), I eventually managed to pull the injector by using a 24mm open spanner.

PROBLEM - the sleeve came out pretty much welded to the injector.

I've managed to separate them with heat and cleaner but am concerned about repositioning the sleeve.

I'm always on a tight budget and hence try all my own repairs. Is there a need to reposition the sleeve (I understand it may be needed to prevent oil/water mixing in the top of the engine - I'm not sure where the water would come from).

Can I just clean up the mating joint with break cleaner/carb cleaner on a cloth, then reposition the sleeve with some locktite?

If there is water by the bottom of the injector (for cooling) is that what cruds up the injectors, sticking to the inner sleeve?

If a seal is needed, where can I get one from and is it a DIY job?

Thanks in advance for any and all helpful replies.

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Problem sorted - after a bit more research it turns out the coolant concern is not relevant to this engine.  The sleeve just acts as a collar for the injector to sit in-line in the top of the engine.  They are hard pressed and glued into the top of the head and are not considered a serviceable part (strange though, they can be ordered as spares).


Solution: after separating the sleeve from the injector (with heat and gravity or a little twisting with some mole grips), a clean up of both the injector and inner surface of the sleeve, a clean up of the mating surface for the sleeve (which is about 4 inches into the head), the sleeve was inserted with a circle of loctite on the lower cm of  mating surface and gently tapped in with a hammer and something in-between the sleeve and hammer so as to prevent damage to the top surface of the sleeve.


Once the sleeve is sitting around the same level as the others, job done.  Just crack on with replacing the seals and tidying up.  Worked a treat.  I just hate tightening the injector clamps as I never know how tight is TOO TIGHT.  Previously, I've had a couple of studs snap in the head block with a need for a machinist to helicoil them,  bit of a faff but been fine since.  I usually get the engine running and then have to nip up one or two of the studs to ensure no leaks present.

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