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'09 Focus 1.6 TDCİ 109hp - MAP Sensor (DTC P0069)


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Got a DTC P0069 error and an engine mailfunction warning. Don't know that much about engines but as far as I understand the MAP sensor and the BARO sensor should both be equal atmospheric pressure (100kPa/14,7psi) when engine is off and when engine at idle. And when at full trottle I would expect a value around 250kPa/36,3psi.

My BARO shows 14,7 PSI but the MAP shows 35,7 PSI when engine is off? To me it sound like a defect MAP sensor, but before replacing it I would like to hear any relevant input.....is my understanding of the two pressure sensors correct?

Any other sensordata that is relevant?

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Just checked a few other sensordata when driving:

- Boost show 21,03 PSI constant under different loads

- EGR: 100%

- EGR Err 99-100%

I am using a china ODB2 adapter and Torque Pro for the readout.

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The EGR may not operate correctly while there's a MAP sensor fault.  There's no BARO sensor on these.  It's a calculation from the MAF sensor. 

It looks like you have a faulty MAP sensor - personally, I would change that based on the diagnostics that you've already done.

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