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2019 tourneo auto 170 won't pull under load


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My 2019 Tourneo custom 2.0 170bhp auto has started to not pull properly under heavy acceration or on a gradient. The van starts ok and there are no warning lights or anything that sounds different. I have checked the oil in the engine and the transmission. The van will pull away normally and change through the gears under gentle acceration upto motorway speeds. In neutral it will rev to limit but in gear if I put my foot to the floor it drop down a gear but the  stops at approx 3000 rpm, won't accerate and won't then change up. I can override it with the manual button but this doent result in the usual acceration. It makes it hard to drive on anything over 30mph roads. As I said no warning light, funny noises, smoke etc so assume its electrical? 

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