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BCM part number suffix features

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Hi all. I found the attatched document by googling, it neds google translate to make ny sense but it shows what features are available in the BCM with part numbers as follows:

Version P (basic) DV6T-14A073-PA
Version F (high equipment) DV6T-14A073-FA
Version E (maximum equipment) DV6T-14A073-EA

The P version includes:
Ignition switch position II
Door lock/unlock switch
Integrated radio receiver
daytime running lights
Fog lights front
Rear fog lights
wiper system
Adaptive cruise control
Shift lock solenoid - automatic
Ignition key output lock

Version F includes:
all functions of variant P
Heated windshield
Double lock function
Anti-theft alarm
Headlight washer system
Dead zone control
Steering column lock
Adaptive cruise control
Rain sensor
start/stop switch

Version E includes:
All functions of the option F
Tire control system


Very useful information which was obtained from ETIS, there are some hyperlinks in the PDF linked to some old/dead russian ETIS server. 

Does anyone here with ETIS access able to check and report back what features are available for the later BCM, F1DT-14A073-Dx?





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