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Galaxy questions


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Hi im looking to sell my toyota verso 7 seater and buy a galaxy for the extra space so looking for abit of help please...

With a budget of 4 to 5 grand what would be the most reliable diesel to own the 1.8 or 2.0 tdci?


Anything bad to look for when looking at either of these engines? Im not really fussed about the power differences etc just reliability really

Thanks in advance

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At that budget you'll be looking at around 2010 models.  So the choice is 1.6 or 2.0 TDCI.  Both pretty similar in terms of reliability.  Though I think the power difference will be noticeable in a heavy Galaxy, especially when full of passengers and luggage.

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Hi Alan, I've only had our current 2.0 Galaxy but my father had a 1.8 Mondeo a few years ago which I presume is the same engine (58 plate I think) which was really troublesome. Loads of issues with random warning lights/limp modes - a colleague of mine had the same, also with a 1.8 so just my personal experience, it seems a little trickier perhaps? Also, I believe the 1.8 had two timing belts meaning a big bill when renewal period came, even at a local garage. I've only ever seen 2.0's as taxis; that often means something.....

Hope that helps!


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