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'14 S-Max TDCi with unreliable temperature guage


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Hello again all

I've had an issue with this car for over a year, not given it much thought but would like to sort it out:

Car warms up normally, cabin gets warm reasonably quickly, but guage will stay on blue for ages then fairly quickly move to middle. its the red led type instrument display.

I was thinking sensor or wiring but notice in Torque it's got realistic temperature readings. 

Might be the actual instrument gauge itself?

If so, would this model be compatible with the coloured led type? I've seen some reports of swapping them. Would be nice if compatible.

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The lowest point on the gauge in my car is 60 degrees C. It takes a minute or so for it to rise above that and for the needle to thus start moving up to the normal operating temperature point (about 90). This I believe is entirely normal. If it took a very long time then this would suggest a stuck open thermostat, and would also affect passenger compartment heating (though some vehicles may have an auxiliary heating element).

So how long approximately is "ages"?

I'm not familiar with your gauge design, I'd have to look it up, but could you just be mistakenly believing the lowest point of the gauge represents 0 deg-C?

What does the reading in Torque look like over time?

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The Dash gauge reading is often a compromise of Coolant and Cylinder Head Temperature, not a true Coolant temperature and often starts off at 60 C, so it will take a while before it starts to move.

Your car may also have an Electric Heating Element that works automatically when the outside temperature is below about 9 C, hence the quick warm up time.

If Torque shows all the temperatures rising in a linear fashion then you have nothing to worry about. 

Edit, just seen @rd457's reply, which says the same thing.

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