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Powershit module problems

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Hi all .

My 10 plate galaxy powershit has developed an issue ! It dosent know which gear it's in and been diagnosed as a faulty module ! 

Apparently ford won't touch it due to its age and I've been told the only solution is a specialist in Chester who have quoted £3000 minimum for a gearbox overhaul ! 

Anyone else know of where ,which way I could go please as facing this is only gonna go one way (scrap a 4k car) ?? 

Thanks for any info 

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Try searching the Forum a bit more, there's loads of topics on powershift, with loads of, mainly ignored, advice on solutions.

First and foremost though, change the battery and reset the transmission


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Thank you Dave . 

I tried to start it up yesterday and it won't turn over ! The gearstick s in park but the sensor thinks it's in gear so won't turn over 

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I'm not sure how you fully charged the battery in such a short time, it usually takes 12 hours to get even a battery in good health to a State of Charge of 95%

and you followed the video exactly and reset the transmission ?

What message did you get ?

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I wouldn't waste your time charging the battery, it's obviously had it, just put a new one on.

Powershifts do not like dodgy batteries.

Then reset transmission and see how you get on from there

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