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2013 S-max- Steering Malfunction issue - Code B100B-

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Hi .. i have a 2013 S max with keyless entry and one day had a steering malfunction light on the dash.. next day car would not crank and nothing on the dash apart from ford symbol and steering malfunction.  Forscan shows this error ' Code B100B - Column lock Ground Authorisation  ...  Module  Remote Function Actuator.   If i clear the RFA code it works for a while then same issue again.. i have had the Steering Lock module change and reprogrammed, Central locking module changed and Driver side front door lock assembly changed..  no luck... finally took it to Ford and they said they can look at it but no guarantees and will cost me £££ which i dont have.. really like the car and would like to get it sorted.. any ideas ?  Many thanks..

Also have tried another BCM and programmed.. same issue

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