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Transit Courier horizontal spanner warninglight no in manual


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We have a 2018 Transit Courier, two days ago the "change oil" light came on, to be expected as the van is almost at 60,000 miles so the change is due.  Yesterday an additional light, a horizontal, single-ended spanner lit up and stays lit.  However, this warning light is not listed in the user manual!  The only spanner symbol is double-ended and is at an angle, not vertical, and indicates a powertrain fault.

Any ideas what the horizontal spanner means?

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Thanks for this - you'd think buying a Ford van at a Ford garage would mean it comes with the right handbook.

Powertrain fault can be essentially anything, I think?


16 hours ago, unofix said:

You have the wrong handbook for your model year.

See Page 54 of this handbook:


You have a Powertrain fault.



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The good news is that the vehicle probably has an idea of what it's not happy about, and if you use a laptop and FORScan software it will be happy to share that information with you. Do not use a generic code scanner which will either give you only part of the story or no useful information at all.

There will be at least one Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) in order for the warning light to have been turned on.

You need to download FORScan on a Windows laptop and use a vLinker FS cable to connect up to the OBDII port. Once connection is established you will be able to read the full DTC's together with potential fault information which will help pinpoint the fault.

FORScan: https://forscan.org/download.html

vLinker FS cable: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vgate-vLinker-Adapter-FORScan-MS-CAN/dp/B0952P4MLP

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