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Fuses for USB sockets

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Since I bought my Galaxy last Autumn (19 plate), there's been no power to the USB sockets between the driver and passenger seats. I plug a device in and it doesn't register it.

I had a similar issue with a C-Max previously which was solved by simply finding the correct fuse and then pulling it out and putting it back again.

I'm wondering whether the fix might be just as simple this time round, though I'm struggling to identify the correct fuse from the handbook.


Have you had this problem? If so, have you managed to fix it?

Do you know which fuse relates to the USB sockets?


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The fuses for the power sockets in the Galaxy are in the engine compartment fuse box. The USB sockets (not shown in the schematic) may well obtain there power from the same fuses, F5, F10, F16, F17.


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If it's not the fuse it could be the USB module itself.

USB is 5V, which means there is a transformer somewhere stepping down from 12V to 5V, which could burn out eventually.

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