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Unusual electrical problem with my 2011 Galaxy


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Hi everyone I have joined the forum because I feel helpless with the problem I've got with my 2011 Galaxy 2.0 TDCI Titanium X hope somebody will be able to help

So the problem is flashing instrument cluster all the fault codes keep displaying the gauges stop working next second they back on also at the same time radio keep coming on and off and also climate controls keep coming on and off I have also notice when that fault appear passenger side windows doesn't work and this problem only happening when you driving the car and turn the heating on when the temperature is set on low it will never happen and what I have also noticed when this happening and I turn left while I'm driving everything goes back to normal as soon as I straight my Wheel's (with the heating on) it will start playing up again that problem never appear when the climate controls are set low 🤔 one more thing worth mentioned I know that they suffer instrument cluster problems and I have the clocks changed for the refurbished but the problem stays exactly the same

Please help

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Check for water ingress on the BCM/GEM check for a loose earth anywhere or damaged wiring to any area where you know the vehicle has had impact damage

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Almost certainly a problem with the Body Control Module (BCM).

The most likely issue will be water ingress in to the BCM and the connectors. Remember to disconnect the car battery before you start removing the plugs from the BCM. Check for signs of greenish corrosion on the connector pins and on the circuit board.

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