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Sway control overly aggressive when towing caravan?

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I have a ford transit custom 2022 limited eco Blue. I've had a towbar and dedicated ford 13 pin electrics fitted to tow a caravan. When towing i think the towing sway control is coming on too often causing a mild kangaroo effect as  the caravan and transit van brakes fight each other. I'm assuming my van is fitted with sway control.How can I tell? Is there a way to disable it?

May not be relevant but the disabling of the parking sensors when connected to van doesnt work and bizarrely I seem to have lost the speed limiter control.


The installer said they had to program the van but theres no evidence I can see that the van is aware its towing a caravan. Are there any indications its aware it has a caravan or at least that teh electrics have been wired correctly.

Any help greatly appreciated as I 'm off on my first caravan holiday in the new van in 3 days and the towing just doesnt feel right at all.

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Has it been fitted with the genuine Ford trailer module or just some generic module that a towbar company installed ?

The genuine ford trailer module always automatically disables the rear parking sensors while towing. It also inhibits the vehicles own rear fog light and enables the caravans rear fog when it is needed. The towing indicator repeater should display on the instrument cluster when the caravan is attached and left or right indicators are used.

I'm not aware of there being sway control installed on a transit fitted with an aftermarket towbar, but it might be possible.

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Thanks unofix.

It has been fitted with a genuine ford trailer module but the parking sensors are still active and theres no indication on the dashboard that a trailer is attached . The installer is going to come back to check the programming ( keying?) was accepted correctly. Everything else seems fine and I think the swaying problem was probably just due to towing an empty caravan with an empty transit - just not enough weight.


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