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Replacement Lug Nuts (2010 Fiesta)

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I vaguely recall there being some recommendations previously but struggling to find anything.

Locking wheel nut issues mean I technically only have enough original standard lug nuts for three wheels.

Pretty sure as I have these not on the car I must have been given or purchased a full set of replacements once upon a time but can't fathom where or from whom 馃槙

Any recommendations of where to purchase or indeed what to avoid for the OEM alloys on the 2010 Fiesta Diesel?

Not looking to break the bank given the age of the car but want to make sure the wheels are still attached!

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On 12/3/2020 at 6:32 AM, JW1982 said:

It is very important to select the correct type of wheel nuts.

A few years ago Ford decided to standardize the (technical) design of the wheels and wheel nuts to a global Ford standard. In technical documentation these new type of wheels and wheel nuts are called Global wheels and Global wheel nuts. Nowadays the Global wheels and wheel nuts are used on most different Ford models around the word.聽

Early Focus MK3 models (produced before 11-05-2012) did have the new type global Wheels combined with the old design 1-piece (solid) wheel nuts. However this combination does not fit to most other Ford models.

Original Ford wheels can be identified by the size of the wheel nut holes:


Old design Alloy wheel聽 VS聽 global wheel.

The original wheel nuts can be identified by the following pictures:


Old design wheel nuts:

Left = Wheel nut for steel wheel.
Mid = Wheel nut for alloy wheel
Right = Locking wheel nut for alloy wheel.


Global wheel nuts:

Left = Global wheel nut for steel wheel.
Mid = Global wheel nut for alloy wheel
Right = Global locking wheel nut for alloy wheel.

On a Focus MK3 with original (global) wheels both of these wheel nut designs can be used. It is however very important not to mix the different wheel nut designs and use the correct tightening torque.




Original old 2-piece design wheel nuts as shown on the picture above can not be used on global wheels. Insufficient contact between the wheel nut and the global wheel will cause the wheel nuts to come loose!

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@unofix thanks most helpful to know that. I certainly have the old style (minus the caps that got chewed up by an over eager tyre fitter) and the set on the car look to be the same design but never came with the thin hardened caps I as far as I know.

Any recommendations on where to buy, brands etc. or would eBay etc be fine as long as they are indeed the right style to ensure correct contact to hold on the wheel?

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I lost one of my locking wheel nuts a while ago, the other 3 locking ones were quite loose too. I enquired on here about new ones and was told Ford ones are actually made by McGard, so you may want to look into buying replacements from them. New Genuine Ford ones (for my mk8) were quite expensive when I looked and strangely you got 5 in the kit, which I thought was strange.

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The original nuts are missing the lids now. Would this make any difference as the contact point with the wheel and the car remains the same size?

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