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Ambient Temperature Sensor Location

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Hi, Wonder if anyone can assist please?

We have a 63 Plate Focus Titanium with the 1.0 Ecoboost Engine (125BHP)

The Outside Temperature reading displayed in the car seems to be erratic. I have searched suppliers for a replacement sensor and they come up with a part to fit behind the bumper/grille - searches based on the reg number for the car so you would like to think they are pretty accurate....

Have also noticed that there is a small button under the passenger wing mirror, is this a sensor?

Can anyone confirm which is the sensor for the display please - assume it will have other functions for climate etc too?

Thanks for your help 

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I had an identical problem with one of my previous Focus' but can't remember whether it was with my '63 plate Ecoboost or '17 plate Ecoboost ST-Line but the sensor was definitely under the nearside mirror and I cured it with a squirt of electrical contact cleaner into the connector closest to the sensor 👍

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4 hours ago, Tumis said:

Do you know where to find ford focus MK4 schemes? 

Focus Mk4 schematics ?     What year ?

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