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2nd row seats in my Smax ST Line


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Hi all

I have just purchased a 2018 SMax ST Line (lovely car).  However I cant work out how to lower/recline/fold the rear 2 seats. Any thoughts would be welcome thanks.

Some background:  the car is ex-police so had the rear 2 seats removed (was running as a 5 seater).  The garage had bought 2 new rear seats with the intention of fitting them to turn it back into a 7 seater.   I bought the car with the 2 new rear seats in the back but not fitted.

I am trying to fold them flat so I can use them as a storage platform until I get them properly fitted, but there is no recline lever or tag or button on them anywhere!  There appears to be power units fitted underneath them, but my car doesn't have the automatic seat fold buttons for the 2nd row - only the power fold buttons for the middle 3 seats.


So my thinking is: the garage bought 2 rear power-fold seats without realising the option to power-fold these back 2 seats is not on the car (no buttons in the boot for this row) so they should have bought manual fold seats?

Any thoughts very welcome thanks!



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2nd row seats? Just to confirm you mean the two in the very back? 

Mine have like a pull strap on them which gets then to fold. I don't think these are power fold. The middle row with 3 seats are, well for me anyway. 

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Hi Yes sorry 3rd row or back 2 seats. No tags on them at all...or manual lever to fold them...so I'm really confused with them!

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57 minutes ago, GuyW said:

3rd row or back 2 seats. No tags on them at all...or manual lever to fold them..

Please post a few photos of them. See if you can find the Ford part number on them.

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