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Acquired a high-mileage Galaxy, Love it!

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Hi All

I have acquired a high miler, 323k, converted to manual from power shift. Drives lovely! Barring power steering when parking. Lovely car!

Theres a few issues I'd like to sort - power steering being one of the immediate problems.

I have purchased an interface to tlka to the car to use FORScan - here are the results:


(OK) [12:57:58.362] Found module:  PCM - Powertrain Control Module
(WARN) [12:58:00.776] DTCs in PCM: P00BD:64-68
(OK) [12:58:00.924] Found module:  OBDII - On Board Diagnostic II
(WARN) [12:58:01.166] DTCs in OBDII: P00BD-C
(OK) [12:58:01.676] Found module:  SASM - Steering Angle Sensor Module
(WARN) [12:58:02.571] DTCs in SASM: C1B00:85-28
(OK) [12:58:03.757] Found module:  ABS - Antilock braking system
(WARN) [12:58:05.517] DTCs in ABS: C0051:22-C8, U0101:00-8A, U0401:68-8A, U0428:68-08
(OK) [12:58:07.342] Found module:  RCM - Restraint Control Module
(OK) [12:58:11.351] Found module:  PSCM - Power Steering Control Module
(WARN) [12:58:12.487] DTCs in PSCM: U0428:68-28
(OK) [12:58:13.375] Found module:  BCMii - Body Control Module
(WARN) [12:58:16.702] DTCs in BCMii: B10EB:77-6C, B1108:77-6C, B1130:07-28, U0101:00-2F
(OK) [12:58:37.317] Found module:  SRM - Speech Recognition Module
(OK) [12:58:39.475] Found module:  PDM - Passengers Door Control Unit
(WARN) [12:58:40.407] DTCs in PDM: B1109:11-6C
(OK) [12:58:41.297] Found module:  DDM - Drivers Door Module
(WARN) [12:58:42.242] DTCs in DDM: B1108:11-68
(OK) [12:58:46.493] Found module:  IPC - Instrument Panel Control Module
(WARN) [12:58:47.586] DTCs in IPC: B1A84:51-2B, U0402:68-2B, U0184:00-2B


In regards to the power steering, it has had a new rack and pump, used obviosuly (before my tenure). Pump may still be faulty. New driveshafts etc as well due to gearbox change.


The drivers and passengers front door locks, drivers side works intermittently locking and unlocking.. passenger side not at all. I have had the door card off on the passenger side and hwen operating the lock with the key, can hear the motor or whatever trying to work but the door doesnt actually lock/unlock. I have had the suggestion of changing the actual motors in the actuator.


Any other further advice would be greatly appreciated.

Car is 2011 Ford Galaxy.



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