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Fault Code U0415


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I've got a 2010 Galaxy Tit X 2.0 Diesel.


Whilst driving, the 'engine malfunciton' appeared on the dashboard but the car drove as normal. Drove home absolutely fine, no issues but the engine management light was still on.


Got the car plugged in and fault code U0415 came up. the mechanic deleted the fault and said to drive it around and if the fault appeared again then to take it back. it's been around 4 days or so now and the fault hasn't reappeared. has anyone else experienced this?

When the EML the car was still driving fine with no issues whatsoever and i only noticed the warning because I looked a the dash. it hasn't come on since and still showing no symptoms of anything that would make me wonder if theres something wrong

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"U" DTC's are a communication error on the canbus network. It could be just a momentary transient fault and may possibly not occur again. Vehicles of the 2008 to 2013 era quite often suffer with dry solder joints on the back of the instrument cluster which often cause random communication errors.

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Ah i didn't know that. thank you

It was really odd as there's not been any performance issues or anything at all. it was just out of the blue and then disappeared again.  

thanks for commenting

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