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Car is dead


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Hi hoping someone can help or advise….

Wednesday mornings got in car and got hill start malfunction and transmission limited function message. When I turned car off it flashed up immobiliser fault. After hour of running turned off ignition and when I got in it started with no errors. Called RAC just in case. RAC came out and tested battery, it was dead and replaced it. As far as I know there was no BSM reset (think that’s what it’s called). Car started fine and ran it to shops and back. Few hours later alarm went off twice so I just left it unlocked didn’t think anything of it. 

Thursday morning got in car, pushed start button and nothing happened. The radio display with time and date came on and the initial Ford Convers+ sign came on but ignition wouldn’t come on. (If I pushed button to turn radio on it would turn on). The ignition doesn’t come on at all nothing happens when you push button it just sits on the Ford Convers+ sign . RAC out again and tested loads of fuses etc but nothing. The guy managed to put the windows down with the key fob but then couldn’t get them to go back up. Ended up being towed to garage.

Auto elec came out Friday and he thinks it’s the BCM but told me to take spare key up to try. battery and BCM had to be disconnected cause alarm just kept going off. An hour later I arrived after battery was disconnected and they hooked all back up and tried spare key. Wouldn’t event unlock or lock doors unlike day before. Alarm started to go crazy so everything was disconnected again. As it stand looks like I’ll need a new BCM and to get new one cloned. 

Anyone had anything similar and managed to find a way to sort it?? Any help or advice is appreciated

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Is there any water ingress around the BCM?  That's usually what breaks them.

You can fit a used BCM as long as the part number is correct.  Then any software alterations can be made through Forscan.

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