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Live feed for Dashcam


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I have wired my NextBase 522 dashcam in and hidden all the wires. Now to power it on a permanent live feed for parking and collision recording...

Which is the best fuse to use in the passenger compartment fuse box, which is a permanent live feed and won't power down after a period of non-use when the car is locked and left?

I realise I will need to obtain the micro two or three blade piggyback adapter.

The alternative is to go to the engine compartment fuse box (top one) - is there a suitable live feed in there that is either mini or micro?


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I have installed the dashcam using fuse 3 (radio) and whilst this works the dashcam switches off whenever the auto stop/start operates at traffic lights for example.

I have the dashcam recording in 'Parking Mode' when the vehicle is parked and locked so need a constant feed.

Any solutions for this issue please?

Many thanks in advance.

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1 hour ago, smitmjs said:

I have installed the dashcam using fuse 3 (radio)

Is this on a 2020 Galaxy ?

Fuse 3 (20 Amp) is the drivers door lock - should be constant live.

Fuse 33 (20 Amp) is the Radio

The radio does not turn off when Stop/Start activates and neither should your dashcam if it is using the same circuit as the radio.


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