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Intercooler pipe - identify part number


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Hi everyone, I need help identifying this pipe on my Galaxy 2010 2.0 Diesel.  

The pipe goes from bottom of intercooler to the inlet manifold.  Standing in front of the vehicle at the bonnet, the pipe is on left hand side of intercooler.  

It is in front of the engine, and behind the radiator.  
In the attached photo - it is the bottom pipe - the diameter of both ends is 60mm.  (the top is the wrong pipe which I am returning).
Can anyone please help identify the part number?  Thank you.


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19 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Thank you for prompt reply.

That does look very very similar. 

I contacted a different eBay seller who sells part 1683825 - and my only issue is the diameter - part 1683825 has internal diameter at ends: 48/55mm

My mechanic says both ends need to be 60mm diameter.

I did contact the link you posted (Ford on ebay) - unfortunately, they dont have access to the diameter information of the pipe.  They are able to confirm the part is compatible with my Galaxy.

I might just go ahead and purchase it and ask my mechanic to try fitting it.

Thanks again for quick reply. 

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