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Transmission fluid change, yay or nay?


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I recently bought a 2010 Ford Fusion, it has nearly 62000 miles and equiped with an automatic 4F27E transmission. It still drives and shifts prefectly although I know that the previous owner never changed the transmission oil.

I called a Ford Dealer nearby, they said that the transmission fluid in this car would last a lifetime and does not need servicing, changing or flushing. The dipstick shows the fluid is still clear, red/ pinkish and does not smell burnt or anything. However, a lot of folks on all kinds of websites and videos say that fluids never really do last a lifetime and that it may be a way of getting you to buy another car. On the other hand, the owner's manual doesn't say a thing about automatic transmission fluid changes or specifications.

My car has a dipstick for the transmission fluid, and I think it also has a plug in the pan. (see picture)

I was wondering: would you recommend doing a transmission fluid change? If so, what type of ATF would I need? As the owners manual doesn't state anything, I really don't know for sure what is currenly present in the car. I think it may be Mercon-LV, but thats just Wikipedia telling me so.



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Any generic synthetic ATF will be fine in that box. MERCON V, LV or DEXRON VI also

It's up to you, if it's still red

I would change it if it was mine, every 40,000 miles, just drain and refill and check level as filter is inside the sump, you are lucky you have a sump plug, most 4F27E do not.

Make sure transmission is warm before draining, replace what you drained then run the vehicle, ensuring it runs through all the gears until warm, check and top up

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