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Focus Mk4 Roof bar grommets


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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some replacement roof bar grommets, thanks.

Using roof bars not too often yet one or two grommets have failed / disintegrated - rubber perished on one side 

Ford Focus 2020  ( Mk4  I believe )  one grommet has fallen out, are the front and rear grommets different part numbers ? 


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Local Ford dealer should be able to supply you. Probably for about £10 each knowing Ford 🤣

Do you have a photo of what you are looking for ?

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On 6/13/2022 at 4:55 PM, unofix said:

There is no parts information for the Focus Mk4 available. Do the parts for the Focus 2011 look the same as what you need ?

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Thanks, i'll try local Ford Dealer parts dept. yet I may also look at the grommets on offer at Halfords but not sure if the roof bar grommets are made of a special harder rubber as they come under some force when tightening the roof bars. 

Front fitting: The hole in the bodywork ( front one ) is hexagonal therefore maybe require Ford supplied part. 

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