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Trailer Module wiring diagram?


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Hello again all

Was looking at the TRM error and took a look at the module itself: i bought a used one off eBay for about 30quid last year and an official loom from Ford on eBay. All just plugged together and enabled in Forscan/central configuration.

Anyway I notice the space for the module in the OSR boot i'd also used to stuff an amateur radio rig in too. So it appears I might have damaged the green connector that has about 3/4 wires (can bus?). I might need to replace or repair the connector. Don't know if that has a bearing on the module error. Certainly it worked without error up for about 12 months. Now I have TRM U2101:00-2F configuration incompatible.


So does anyone have access to a wiring diagram?  There's one in the Haynes manual that doesn't match up.

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While messing with the car I attached the bike carrier (because I couldn't find my trailer connection tester...) and all light up and no errors. 

I don't know if the Convers+ is supposed to do anything extra with the trailer connected but nothing appears broken at this stage.

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