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I too am in the Solihull area and keep pondering over where to get my 1st service done.

The only thing i know for sure is i am going to steer well clear of Bristol Street in Shirley!!

If i was going to take it to a stealer then i reckon i would choose Jackson's up in Henley.

Nowadays tho, how important do people think a FFSH is?

i.e. could i just take it to a ford specialist or even just a friend's garage to have the work done without any repurcussions?

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This is my question too really?

If i dont have my service done at a ford dealership will it affect any warranty

And also, how much does a FFSH stand for nowadays?

I have checked and as long as the garage use Ford Official servicing parts the warranty is not effected.

As for FFSH I don't know but FSH is always handy as long as you check the stamps are not made up and the dealer actually did the work.

It also depends on the car I had a Rover Streetwise great little car but the resale value is quite poor so I serviced it myself which over a 7 year period saved me a lot of cash which when I came to sell I didn't lose much about £400 over a FSH car.

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